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Web Site Process

1. We meet to discuss your site goals and needs

2. We offer a few plans of approach to accomplish your goals

3. Once the plan of approach is agreed a deposit is paid then the site will launch in roughly two weeks with the final payment

4. Once the site launches we are here for you to address any questions or make any adjustments you may need

5. Over the first year, we'll work with you to learn how to edit your site and make adjustments

6. You can choose to retain our white glove all-encompassing support services for a month-to-month service fee after the first year

We will always be available to answer questions about your site with us!

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  • Schedule a consultation to review how we can help

    975 US dollars
  • Build out of fully customized personal or business website

    Starting at $2950
  • Managed Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns

    Starting at $2499
  • Managed Google Ad campaigns

    Starting at $2499
  • Develop a smart contract on ETH or MATIC to meet your business needs

    Starting at $9750
  • Make a custom NFT collection from your art & the use cases are endless

    Starting at $9750
  • Drive more traffic to your site with personalized QR and NFC tags

    499.99 US dollars